Accidental Popstar is a record label founded in 2017 by singer-songwriter Shamir.

In the spring of 2017 Shamir surprise released an album titled ‘Hope’ on his personal Soundcloud, the description from the release was a personal note from the artist himself, starting the note off saying “ I was gonna quit music this weekend. From day 1 it was clear I was an accidental pop star.”. After the release Shamir released three other e.p.’s on his Soundcloud by 3 other artist and called it a “ Fake Soundcloud Label”. After the release of his third album on Father/Daughter Records “Revelations”, Shamir continued to tour and write but took a lengthy hiatus to focus on working with artist in the Philadelphia community where he resides. In November 2018 Accidental Popstar was announced to the world. First releases rolled out in 2019 from signees Southwick, Grant Pavol, and Poolblood.